Woman looking into a bathroom stall gap while another woman is looking up at her.
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If you have ever used a public bathroom chances are pretty good that you have seen a gap between the bathroom stall door and wall or partition. I have tried everything from stuffing toilet paper in the gap, hanging my purse on the edge of the door and even draping my jacket across hoping it will block someone from looking in. 

Well, the toilet paper would fall to the ground, my jacket wasn't big enough (and if you've seen me that's saying a lot!) and my purse covered very little. So I set out to create a fix for this problem and after several delays (cancer, Covid etc.) the

Retract-a-Gap™ was born. 

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Did You Know??

1.) The majority of the bathrooms (restrooms) have gaps between the stall doors and the walls that range anywhere from 1/2inch to 2inches wide. 

Folks, this is where size DOES matter! 

2.) The size, width and texture of the doors all vary. I had to create a product that would serve all of these variations, while still being small enough to fit in a pocket. 

3.) These bathroom door gaps were found in airports, amusement parks, restaurants, schools, hospitals, locker rooms, gyms, truck stops, movie theaters, gas stations... etc.

If your public restroom privacy is important to you, or if you want to send that special someone a funny gift, pick up a Retract-a-Gap™ (or two) and rest assured there will be no more Seein' When You're Peein! and we really hope there will be no more Snoopin' While You're Poopin'!




Seattle, WA

I didn't know there was a need for a product like this until my wife mentioned it. She has avoided certain public restrooms due to her anxiety of people looking in. THANK YOU for solving this problem.


Dallas, TX


The slogan's alone make me laugh so hard. I used to hang my purse on the door edge to try and block the gap. It would always slide off onto the floor. GROSS! This is fantastic and I will buy more when they are available.


Colorado Springs, CO


A man can walk on the moon but the gaps in the restroom doors can't be covered?!

No more seein when I'm peein!


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