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About Us

How did we come up with the Retract-a-Gap

As a military family we would travel a LOT! In doing so, we utilized public restrooms more than I care to admit.

When it came down to public restroom privacy, there was one common problem I noticed and that was the gap between the restroom stall door and wall or partition. 

As I would talk with others about this problem, I realized I wasn't the only one who dreaded those huge gaps. So I searched high and low (but not too low cause that's just gross) and learned far more about public restrooms than anyone who is not a contractor or an engineer should ever know.

I learned that not all stall doors are created equal. The gaps would range in size, and the thickness of the doors would vary. The materials used to make the doors would also come in several different finishes such as metal, wood, plastic, etc. 

So I personally decided to create a product that would serve all of these variations. After several delays, (cancer and Covid) the Retract-a-Gap™ was born.


As my friends and family would test the device they would get requests as to where they could order one (or two) and here we are!

Gap 2.png

If your public restroom privacy is important to you, or if you want to send that special someone a funny but practical gift, order a Retract-a-Gap™ and we guarantee there will be

No More Seein' When You're Peein! or No More Snoopin' While You're Poopin'!

Thank you for stopping by!

Heather Ross


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