It all started when I was in a public restroom minding my own business.

I could sense someone watching me and sure enough, as I looked up from my iPhone (hey, don't judge -- it was taking longer than expected) I saw an eyeball looking in through the gap between the restroom stall door and the partition.

When our eyes met there was a sense of awkwardness with a hint of embarrassment. Do I introduce myself? Do I toot out an SOS for help? I just sat there hoping this person would leave the scene so I could exit the stall and wash my hands.

It was then and there that I decided I needed to do something to provide privacy from the gaps between the public restroom stall doors & walls. I searched high and low (but not too low cause that's just gross) and learned far more about public restrooms than anyone who is not a contractor or an engineer should ever know.


You may be wondering what I learned? Well, the majority of the restrooms I have visited have gaps between the stall doors and the walls and/or the partitions that range anywhere from 1/2inch to 2inches wide.

Folks, this is where size DOES matter! These restroom stall gaps were found in airports, amusement parks, restaurants, schools, hospitals... etc. As I collected all of my data, photos and made several prototypes, the Retract-a-Gap™ was born.

If your public restroom privacy is important to you, pick up a Retract-a-Gap™ (or two) and rest assured there will be no more Seein' When You're Peein! and we really hope there will be no more

Snoopin' While You're Poopin'!